16 Jun

Blackjack Strategy 6 Decks

There are several types of blackjack online casino, although the most common are American and European or classic. In both cases, the dealer has to ask with 16 and stand with 17. And depending on what our cards are, we can ask for a letter or stand, hoping that the bank will pass.

There are several tables that tell us what to do in each case, depending on our cards and those of the dealer. But since it is impossible to learn them by heart, we are going to explain what is the basic strategy to become winning blackjack players. The most important thing is to know the initial card that the dealer has: if it is a six or less, our possibilities increase, while if it is a seven, an eight, a nine, a figure, or an ace, they decrease.

Soft card strategy

The basic strategy recommends always planting if you have As-9 or As-8; If you have an As-7, you should only ask if the dealer has a 9, a figure or an Ace on his card; In all other cases, you have to ask for a card and take advantage of having an Ace to be able to use it as a one or as an 11, depending on our needs.

Hard Card Strategy

Here the play is very different: with 17 or more, we must stand since most of the cards would make us pass. With 16 or less, we depend on the dealer’s card: if he has a seven or more, it is necessary to ask, since we run the risk that he will remove a figure and surpass us; If you have a six or less, it is normal not to ask for a card and that it is the bank that assumes the risk of going over 21.

Strategy with couples

When two equal cards are dealt with us in hand we have the possibility of separating the play and playing two different hands. The decision will depend on which are our cards and which one the dealer has uncovered. In case of having two aces, the option is clear: separate the play, since we can achieve two blackjacks. In the case of having two figures, it is also clear: stand, since we have a high probability of winning the hand. But with other couples, it depends on the dealer’s card. If we are dealt two nine or two 8, it is almost always good to separate, unless the bank has a figure. If we are dealt with two 7s or two 6s, we only have to separate in the event that the bank has six or less. And in the rest of the cases, it is best to ask for a letter and not separate.

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